3,690.5 Miles

We made it home! Our 3 week road trip of 4 National Parks, 2 half marathons, lots of bears and lots of s’mores is over and we made it home safely

Teton Mountain Range
Bison grazing

Amy’s half marathon 

Enjoying the fire

More bison

Mammoth hot springs

Gibbon Falls

Top Chef Roger


Lamar Valley

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls

Old Faithful 


Chris’ half marathon 

Bear and Wolf Nature Center

Grand Prismatic Spring

The Red Elvises (NM concert in the park)

Finding Dory

Enjoying the car ride


Brought a little Grand Canyon back


San Diego Safari Park


Our mini Kober family stayed overnight inside the San Diego Safari Park over Mother’s Day weekend. It was awesome! The tent we stayed in overlooked the African Plains, here giraffes and rhinos roamed. We were given behind-the-scenes tours of the park, a few presentations with some of their smaller animals and had a campfire that included s’mores (some more of what?)! Here are some pictures from our adventure:

iPad 096

Roger and Mommy in a fox hole

iPad 121

Daddy in a fox hole, Roger wanting to take the picture

iPad 132

Roger and Daddy investigating this contraption

iPad 134

Ladies man

iPad 152

Bird’s nest

iPad 189

Roger and Daddy posing with a rhino

iPad 215

First time on a merry-go-round

iPad 288

Having a blast

iPad 302

Embarrassed about holding hands

iPad 312

Trying to keep up with this toddler running around!

iPad 319

Loving each other

iPad 352

They had a great elephant exhibit, could not stop taking pictures!

iPad 372

Walking with a baby elephant

iPad 416

Roger is in love with these elephants!

iPad 422

We slept like this all night

iPad 435

Enjoying the giraffes

Giant bats

Giant bats

Roger pretending he is a bat

Roger pretending he is a bat


You’re all wet, man!

iPad 439

Checking out the lions


Picking Zoë up from the pet hotel

Thanks Aunts Beth and Julie, and Uncles Chaz and Matt! (Not sure if Hannah pitched in also, but she always deserves a mention ;))